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The State of the Law School Admission Process

law school admission

Law school admission remains competitive with high starting salaries despite the application volume drop.

Troubling statistics show that the current academic year for law schools across the nation will see a 30-year low in application rates, with projections estimating just 53,000-54,000 prospective students attempting to enter an ABA-accredited school. With increasing concern of rising tuition, inflating student debt, and the country’s downward economy showing overwhelming stagnation in the law profession’s job market, the decision to pursue a career in law needs requires a deft level of navigation.

Helping you weigh the personal risk and investment for those determined to pursue a career in law, JD Admission is an unmatched resource in providing advice, service, and support in traversing the difficult, transitional culture of the nation’s premiere law schools.

Your Law School Admission Starting Point

Sometimes the biggest hurdle for any aspiring law student is fully committing themselves to their future profession. If there’s an inkling of doubt of whether a career in law is really for you, take the time to address it before you find yourself enduring three years of lectures and high-stakes exams.

For those that are absolutely sure the law is their calling, it is important to know how to present your case to the gatekeeping scrutiny of an admissions officer. Making them believe in the reason for your education is one of the most crucial steps because it not only articulates your intention but also provides you with your own manifested mission statement.

Selecting the Right School

While we firmly believe there is a program for every applicant, don’t presume the best fit will be with the most esteemed institutions. One of the biggest law school admission mistakes an applicant can commit is apply solely on a school’s ranking. Just because a program carries prestige, doesn’t mean it will provide you the environment you need to succeed.

Consider this quote from a law school admission official at Stanford Law School:

You have one chance to make an amazing impression, so bring it all to the table. Plenty of applicants have good grades and come from good schools, but that is not enough. The admissions process is an individualized approach. There is no set formula for admission, it really depends on the applicant.”