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Loyola University Chicago

Contact Information

Application Deadlines

Admissions Criteria

Financial Aid

Score Card

Loyola University Chicago School of Law has over 1,000 students, who come from over 150 different universities and colleges. The law school has a variety of programs, such as tax law and health law. The Loyola University Chicago School of Law clinical program allows students to be able to work and interact with clients in clinics, such as “Life After Innocence” (LAI) to “The Loyola Community Law Center.”

LUC Law’s externships are local and students are able to experience the local government court system. The curriculum has simulation courses that allow students to be able to try out their courtroom skills. The simulation courses range from  “Trial of a Medical Malpractice Case” to “Mediation Seminar.” Along with simulations, there are also practicum courses included in the LUC law school curriculum.

loyola university chicago school of lawThese practicum courses are in topics of art law, education law, family law, and more. Some courses within the school are considered to be non-graded including externships. The Loyola University Chicago Law professors have experience working on court cases throughout the United States. There are legal certificate programs offered in advocacy, child and family law, tax law, international law and practice, public interest, and health law.

Loyola University Chicago School of Law has five dual-degree programs associated with the Public Policy Program, the Graduate School of Business, the Department of Political Science, the School of Education in Comparative Law and Education, and  the School of Social Work. Loyola Law has well-known centers and institutes, such as the “Center for Business and Corporate Governance Law.” There are other academic programs within law available through the “Leading Academic Program.” These programs deal with tax law, intellectual property, international law and practice, and law and religion. Law students are given the option of studying aboard in Chile, Beijing, Rome, and London. Loyola University Chicago School of Law alumni have gone on to work for top law firms, government offices, and businesses.

Contact Information

Loyola University Chicago
School of Law
25 East Pearson Street
Suite 1208
Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: (312) 915-7170


Application Deadlines

The application deadline is April 1 but since applications are considered on a rolling basis, applying earlier is recommended.

New Loyola University Chicago School of Law students must start in the fall.

Admissions Criteria

Number of 2016 applicants: 2,412

Number of 2016 matriculants: 206

LSAT (median): 158

GPA (median): 3.34

LSAT range (25 to 75 percentile): 155 to 160

GPA range (25 to 75 percentile): 3.07 to 3.55

Financial Aid

Tuition (2016-2017): $45,288

Room, board and other: $21,518

Total estimated cost of attendance: $66,86

Students who receive grants: 86.2%

Median grant amount: $12,000

Loyola University Chicago School of Law does not award conditional scholarships that may be later reduced or eliminated based on academic performance.

Score Card

Bar passage differential: -1.93%

Transfers out: 20