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Founded in 1902, University of Chicago Law School is a top ranked law school and its goal is to prepare its law students to serve the public. This law school has about 600 students and is known for its programs in international law and law and economics. In addition to these programs, Chicago has joint degree programs with other Chicago graduate programs, including business and economics. Law students have the chance to take classes in subjects, such as administrative law and legal history. There are “cross-list classes” and these courses are interdisciplinary classes associated with other schools within the university.

University of Chicago Law SchoolThe eighteen clinical courses include everything from “Employment Discrimination Law” to “Entrepreneurship and the Law”. The Chicago’s clinics are diverse and well-known. The clinics, such as the Mandel Legal Clinic, allow students to be able to interact closely with clients. University of Chicago’s most revolutionary clinic is the Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship. This clinic offers support for small businesses and their owners within the local area. University of Chicago Law School professors are experts in many different fields. The professors encourage their students to be able to participate in discussions and debates.

In their free time, students can explore everything that the city and university has to offer. Chicago’s law students can get involved with the law school’s community and the local community. Students can become involved in over 50 law organizations within the school. Chicago has in-house journals that are edited by students. Students can earn community service hours and serve the local community through the pro-bono program.

Many of Chicago’s alumni have worked in legal research and they have developed new legal theories. A large number of alumni have pursued careers as law professors at other universities. The University of Chicago Law School is a member of the American Bar Association, the Association of American Law Schools, and the Order of the Coif.

Contact Information

The University of Chicago Law School
1111 E. 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Phone: (773) 702-9484


Application Deadlines

Early decision deadline: December 1. Notification by end of December. Early decision admissions are binding. If admitted, you must commit to attending the University of Chicago Law School and withdraw any pending applications made to other programs.

Regular decision deadline: March 1

University of Chicago Law School students must start in the fall.

Admissions Criteria

Number of 2018 applicants: 5,110

Number of 2018 matriculants: 184

Median LSAT: 171

Median GPA: 3.89

LSAT range (25 to 75 percentile): 167 to 173

GPA range (25 to 75 percentile): 3.73 to 3.96

Financial Aid

Tuition (2018-2019): $65,298

Room, board and other: $28,809

Total estimated cost of attendance (2018-2019): $94,107

Students who receive grants: 84%

Median grant amount: $20,000

FASFA recommended for all applicants for financial aid

Need Access Application (available from the Admissions Office) required for institutional financial aid.

University of Chicago Law School does not offer conditional scholarships.

Score Card

Bar passage differential: 20.5%

Transfers out: 1

Net transfers: +17