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Located in Durham, North Carolina, Duke University’s School of Law has over 200 enrolled students in each class. Duke University’s Law School is top-ranked in the category of “most-hired” graduates in a survey conducted by National Law Journal. Duke Law wants to be able to create law leaders for the future.

Nearly 15% of Duke’s law students decide to enroll in the dual-degree programs. This law school has very in-depth curriculum structures for its first year and upper class students. Duke’s dual-degree program allows students to be able to take courses during the summer. It offers a wide range of dual-degree programs in the areas of international laws, law and entrepreneurship, business administration and law, medicine and law, and global business law.

Duke Law SchoolDuke allows law students to become involved in pro-bono projects through their office of Public Interest and Pro-Bono. Students can learn from other students during ad hoc seminars. This law school allows students to be able to learn independently through research and capstone studies.

Duke Law School gives students law experience outside of the classroom through externship placements through the Federal Public Defender Program. During the Duke in D.C. Program, students work in major government offices, such as the Center for Disease Control, Office of General Counsel, and White House Council on Environmental Quality. The research centers at Duke Law range from the Center for Criminal Justice to Center for Sports and Law. There are nine student-run law journals on campus and students have the opportunity to become involved in the editing of scholarly research.

The faculty at Duke Law School is able to maintain long lasting relationships with their students after graduation and they provide students with mentoring. Duke Law has over 10,000 alumni within the United States and aboard. The vast majority of Duke Law School alumni go on to work in law firms and clerkships after graduation.

Contact Information

Duke Law School
210 Science Drive
Box 90362
Durham, NC 27708

Phone: (919) 613-7006


Application Deadlines

February 15 is the deadline for regular admission. Decisions are made by the end of April.

Duke Law School students must start in the fall.

Admissions Criteria

Number of 2018 applicants: 5,558

Number of 2018 matriculants: 230

LSAT (median): 169

LSAT range (25 to 75 percentile): 167 to 170

GPA (median): 3.78

GPA range (25 to 75 percentile): 3.66 to 3.87

Financial Aid

Tuition (2018-2019): $64,722

Room, board and other: $22,373

Total estimated cost of attendance (2018-2019): $87,095

Students who receive grants: 87%

Median grant amount: $25,000

Duke Law School does not award conditional scholarships.

Score Card

Bar passage differential: 19.3%

Transfers out: 3

Net transfers: +3