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Located in Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania’s Law School is known for its intellectual property program. Its three-year programs are associated with other graduate schools and departments, such as the Wharton School, Department of Criminology, and School of Medicine, within the university. Students are able to study abroad in China, France, Spain, Japan, and India. There are ad-hoc programs in additional countries, such as Australia and England.

UPenn law schoolThe Penn Law School curriculum is writing and public service intensive. Students are able to take courses in a variety of legal areas. The courses cover legal education topics, such as mental health law and partnership tax, and new courses are constantly added to the curriculum. Students can participate in fourteen law organizations and societies, such as the International Law Organization and East Asian Legal Studies Association. There are six moot court teams and students can join these teams to gain knowledge of courtroom practices. Penn Law has two law journals. The law journals are The University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law and The East Asian Law Review.

UPenn law school students work in clinics through the Gittis Center for Clinical Legal Studies. The nine clinics cover legal issues in civil practice, meditation, legislative law, child advocacy, transnational legal law, Supreme Court law, intellectual property, criminal defense, and entrepreneurship law. Some alumni have worked as judges, law professors, governors, and mayors. The majority of graduates work in law firms and clerkships.

Externships are offered in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and New York. Students can take seminar courses and one of the major seminars is called “Lawyering in the Public Interest.” UPenn Law School is known for its award winning Toll Public Interest Center. Penn law encourages its students to develop their professional skills through the Center on Professionalism. The law professors are committed to helping students achieve a well-rounded education and students can work with professors on scholarly projects. Penn Law is a member of the American Bar Association.

Contact Information

University of Pennsylvania Law School
3501 Sansom Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6204

Phone: (215) 898-7400


Application Deadlines

Final application deadline is March 1. Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications before the deadline.

UPenn law school students must start in the fall.

Admissions Statistics

Number of 2018 applicants: 6,413

Number of 2018 matriculants: 238

LSAT (median): 170

GPA (median): 3.89

LSAT (25 to 75 percentile): 164 to 171

GPA (25 to 75 percentile): 3.49 to 3.95

Financial Aid

Tuition (2018-2019): $65,804

Room, board and other: $25,588

Total estimated cost of attendance (2018-2019): $91,392

Students who receive grants: 53%

Median grant amount: $21,121

UPenn Law School does not offer conditional scholarships.

Score Card

Bar passage differential: 26.6%

Transfers out: 1

Net transfers: +9