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University of Virginia School of Law

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Application Deadlines

Admissions Criteria

Financial Aid

Score Card

Thomas Jefferson established the UVA School of Law in 1819. This law school is well known for its programs in tax law, international law, and intellectual property. UVA established the Virginia’s Principles and Practicum Program, which incorporates legal theory into the law curriculum. The school has large programs in human rights law and immigration law. There are additional programs, such as animal law, that allow students to explore a variety of law topics and interests.

UVA School of LawUVA School of Law has just under 1,000 students, but the class sizes are small. The law school offers dual degree programs in areas, such as public health, foreign affairs, and urban and environmental planning. There are additional dual degree programs that are in association with the universities of Tufts, Johns Hopkins, and Princeton. UVA law students have the chance to study abroad in Germany, Spain, Australia, Israel, Japan, and South Korea. UVA Law has ten academic journals, such as the Journal of Law & Politics and Virginia Journal of International Law. Students are able to continue to develop their professional skills through a legal writing program and ethics courses. Students can do their own independent research for credit or work on a project with a faculty member.

UVA Law has five centers and institutes. The center and institutes are Center for National Security Law, Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy, John M. Olin Program on Law and Economics, Center for Children, Families, and the Law, and Center for Oceans Law and Policy. UVA offers both full-time and part-time externships. Many of the UVA School of Law externships are in Washington D.C. and this program is known as UVA Law in DC. UVA Law is home to the largest moot court competition, Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court, and many students come from around the world to compete in this competition. UVA School of Law has more than 18,000 alumni.

Contact Information

The University of Virginia School of Law
580 Massie Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-1738

Phone: (434) 924-7354


Application Deadlines

March 7 is the final application deadline.

UVA law students must start in the fall.

Admissions Criteria

Number of 2017 applicants: 5,049

Number of 2017 matriculants: 296

Median LSAT: 169

Median GPA: 3.87

LSAT range (25 to 75 percentile): 163 to 170

GPA range (25 to 75 percentile): 3.56 to 3.94

Financial Aid

In-state tuition (2017-2018): $58,300

Out-of-state tuition (2017-2018): $57,000

Room, board and other: $20,330

Estimated in-state cost of attendance (2017-2018): $78,630

Estimated out-of-state cost of attendance (2017-2018): $81,790

Students who receive grants: 45%

Median grant amount: $30,000

UVA School of Law does not award conditional scholarships.

Score Card

Bar passage differential: 25.3%

Transfers out: 1

Net transfers: 3